Haller Technology - Energy Storage Solutions, Batteries, Photovoltaic Systems

Moving your business since 1882.

Haller Technology

Your competent partner for sustainable energy solutions

We create custom battery solutions tailored to your specific needs, ranging from 48 volts to 800 volts. In addition we provide a full range of components, from battery cells to complete battery systems, for both mobile and stationary applications, as well as charging infrastructure and PV systems.

Our passion is in advancing towards a sustainable future. Our goal is to maximize the use of batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics in as many applications and by as many users as possible, in an effort to drive towards a zero-emission world.

What we do

Batteries and Battery Systems

We develop and provided you with batteries and battery systems

Energy Storage Systems

We provide you with energy storage systems for photovoltaic systems

Maintenance of Batteries

We maintain and repair batteries and battery systems

Photovolatic Systems PV

We supply you with photovoltaic systems and PV components

Any questions? We are happy to help!

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